Retired professor living in US fired by China’s Renmin University

Zhou, 75, who has been retired for more than a decade, received a call from the university on Dec. 28, firing him from his post.

“I said I’m retired, so how can I be fired?” Zhou, who currently lives in the United States.

“Just doing it by phone like that was a bit much; who are they trying to humiliate?”

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Two charged amid international outcry over raid on Hong Kong media outlet

Authorities in Hong Kong on Thursday charged two senior editors at the now-shuttered pro-democracy Stand News with “sedition” and denied them bail, following a raid on the news website by national security police.

Acting editor-in-chief Patrick Lam and former editor-in-chief Chung Pui-kuen

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China Using Law to Curb Dissent, Political Opposition in Hong Kong: UK

Hong Kong and Chinese officials are engaging in sweeping curbs on dissent and political opposition, a U.K. government report said this week, as European Union officials joined a chorus of international criticism over a draconian national security law. Over the past six months, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has moved to

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China’s Young People ‘Know Little’ of 1989 Tiananmen Massacre

As the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) clamps down on dissidents ahead of Friday’s anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre, younger people living in mainland China are largely unaware of the momentous events of the spring of 1989.

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香港与大陆看齐禁悼念六四 “六四”或成禁语


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Wife, Daughter of Jailed Changsha Rights Activist Arrive in US

Authorities in the central Chinese province of Hunan are believed to have secretly tried and jailed three non-governmental organization (NGO) workers, Cheng Yuan, Liu Dazhi, and Wuge Jianxiong, for “subversion of state power” in September after holding them incommunicado for nearly 18 months.

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Son of Chinese Rights Lawyer Wang Yu Applies For Political Asylum in US

Bao Zhuoxuan, the son of Chinese rights lawyer couple Wang Yu and Bao Longjun, has applied for political asylum in the United States after being held in an immigration detention center last year.

Bao arrived in the U.S. in March 2020 from Australia, where he had eventually been allowed to study by the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP),

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罗冠聪流亡海外成绩优异 获得耶鲁硕士学位

据香港媒体报道,流亡海外的前香港众志立法会议员罗冠聪,29日在脸书(facebook)确认,获得耶鲁大学硕士学位,更在八个学科中取得六科Honors(等同于香港院校的A grade)的成绩。曾经是香港最年轻的立法会议员,罗冠聪在香港国安法实施后,与部分民主派人士流亡国外。

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各界人士发起联署 呼吁美国政府援助郭飞雄

中国维权人士郭飞雄抗议当局禁止出境的绝食行动,持续在海外引发关注。上百位各界人士日前发起联署,公开致信美国众议院议长佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)及国务院,希望美国政府能够对郭飞雄给予援助。


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Activist Held For Helping ‘Ink-Splash’ Woman in China’s Hunan

Authorities in the central province of Hunan have detained a prominent rights activist after he helped to publicize the story of Dong Yaoqiong, a woman sent to a psychiatric hospital for splashing ink on a poster of ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping in a Twitter livestream.

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Overseas Activists Plan ‘Shadow Parliament’ to Represent Hongkongers Overseas

Hong Kong democracy activists in exile have revealed plans to set up an overseas “shadow parliament” in a bid to reflect the city’s seven million permanent residents internationally amid an ever-widening crackdown on dissent under a national security law imposed by Beijing since July 1.

“In view of the rapid and deep erosion of the rights and freedoms of the Hong Kong people

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公民记者张展案本月开庭 律师将作无罪辩护



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