Tibet’s Dalai Lama Affirms Plan to Live a Long Life

Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama declared his intention on Thursday to live a long life, citing an eighteenth-century prophecy that he could live to the age of 113.

Speaking in Dharamsala, India—where he has lived since fleeing his homeland in a failed 1959 national uprising against

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Activist Held For Helping ‘Ink-Splash’ Woman in China’s Hunan

Authorities in the central province of Hunan have detained a prominent rights activist after he helped to publicize the story of Dong Yaoqiong, a woman sent to a psychiatric hospital for splashing ink on a poster of ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping in a Twitter livestream.

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Overseas Activists Plan ‘Shadow Parliament’ to Represent Hongkongers Overseas

Hong Kong democracy activists in exile have revealed plans to set up an overseas “shadow parliament” in a bid to reflect the city’s seven million permanent residents internationally amid an ever-widening crackdown on dissent under a national security law imposed by Beijing since July 1.

“In view of the rapid and deep erosion of the rights and freedoms of the Hong Kong people

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公民记者张展案本月开庭 律师将作无罪辩护



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Internment Camps in Xinjiang’s Aksu Separated by Crematorium

Two internment camps recently identified by satellite imagery in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) appear to be separated by a cemetery and crematorium, raising fears that authorities are working to cover up deaths in the facilities.

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现居澳洲的塔塔尔族人苏云古丽.佳尼雪芙Söyüngül Chanisheff来自新疆维吾尔自治区,最近她的英文版回忆录出版,记录了她早年在中国的经历,该书获得了读者的好评。而美国政府已將东突厥斯坦伊斯兰运动从恐怖组织名单中删除,本期节目中,我们就一起来了解情况。

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达纳•晋美桑布(Takna Jigme Sangpo)是著名的西藏服刑时间最长的政治犯,他在中国监狱里度过37年,流亡18年后在瑞士去世,享年91岁。此外,一名藏族博主兼记者次贡杰从监狱获释后,健康状况正在迅速恶化,另一名藏族妇女拉莫则因在拘留中遭受酷刑而死亡,本期节目中, 我们就一起来了解情况。

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Catholic Nuns Deemed ‘Dangerous’ and Forced out of Convent

Eight Catholics nuns decided to leave their convent in the northern province of Shanxi this fall after repeated harassment and intimidations by local authorities. Because they used to live abroad, the nuns were under constant surveillance, but the order in August to remove the cross from the convent was the last straw.

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宗教婚葬禮成非法宗教活動 中共嚴厲查禁抓捕參與信徒




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Uyghurs Under 65 Now Banned From Daily Prayers Required by Their Faith

Authorities in northwest China’s Xinjiang region are forbidding practice by ethnic Uyghurs of the daily prayers required of observant Muslims, allowing only those 65 years of age and older to fulfill their religious obligations, sources say.

The move further tightens restrictions on Islamic practice that has already seen restrictions placed

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Tibetan Woman Jailed in Protest Over Panchen Lama is Released in Failing Health

A Tibetan woman jailed for 15 months for spreading word of a relative’s public call for the release of Tibet’s Panchen Lama has been freed crippled and in failing health after serving her full term in prison, Tibetan sources said.

Dolkar, who was convicted in May 2019 of sharing news amid tight information curbs of the protest by her nephew

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